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I am trying to get my fondant a dark pink, not hot pink. any suggestions?
I am doing a cake covered in ganache for a baby shower and I am putting fondant decorations on it. First question.. Will the decorations be safe on the cake?? Second question.. Does the cake, with the decorations, need to be kept in the fridge or can it sit out the entire time during the shower say 3 or 4 hrs?
thanks everyone for your advice. i just talked to the bride and she said she barely noticed it. but the cake was a hit otherwise so i feel alot better. i realize i am my own worst critic and i notice everything thats wrong with my cakes. it wasn't completely samashed it was a section about 3" wide. now i have all these tips for next time!
i actually didnt get a pic because i forgot to put the battery in the camera! ugghh! i used a american buttercream with hi ratio shortening no butter. i probably did cut the dowels too short. should they be sticking out a bit?
i used 9 plastic tube dowels. im thinking it was just too heavy as well. as for the butter cream i used a good amount not too much. how much should you use?
ok so i was asked to make this extravagant 4 tier wedding cake, i never have done this but i thought i could do it. everything was ok til i delivered it and stacked it. once i stacked it i noticed the fondant on the bottom tier started to crack then within 20 min it started to get this smushed look to it! why could this have happened? the tiers were 6,8,10 and 12. i put 9 plastic dowels in the bottom tier and some in the others that needed it. being such a perfectionist i...
im doing a wedding cake due tonight still got plenty of time.. i got some stencils and airbrushed the design gold last night. i put the cakes in the fridge and it looks like the color spread a bit. i did not do all the tiers yet. my question is why did this happen and what should i do? should i re-fondant and try again? help!
You can totally just use the pie filling recipe it will work just fine and it comes out thick. But if you ever experiment try the recipes adding already whipped cream or heavy cream it adds a difference and is super yummy too! Either way your good!
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