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I personally would make it out of cookies. Chocolate sugar cookies or gingerbread.
I am making cake and cupcakes for a party. There is a little girl there who is allergic to dairy and eggs so I am making the allergy free cupcakes. The kids wont know the difference and this little girl will be able to eat cake like everything else. Anyway, I did this last time and used water in the frosting instead of milk. The color wouldnt stay in it (it ended up having white spots) and the consistency just want right. So today I bought some Vanilla Soy Milk (silk). It...
How do you think Spritz cookies would fare being mailed? I was thinkng about making a bunch for the holidays and sending them to some friends.
I think those prices are totally reasonable! I dont know where she thinks she can get the same for cheaper!!!
Can you coat cake pops with royal icing? I have seen recipes using candy melts and chocolate, but I was wondering about slightly thinned out RI.
Even with NFSC I chill the dough first for about 30 minutes so the cookies keep their shape. Makes a huge difference IMO.
I was wondering that myself for the holidays. I found these links...might be of some help.
Thanks . I noticed that too that I expected more of a difference in size once they were put together. My next one will be a 6, 10 instead of 8, 10. It wont be fondant though, I am making cammoflage in pieces with rolled buttercream (pink, purple, and white).
I use the tip method. This is how much filling is in the cupcakes.¤t=cranberryfilledbuttercreamcupcak-1.jpg
Oh, I missed this one. Yes I do level my cakes. Like I said, that cake was a disaster from start to finish lol.
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