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I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one with recipe problems. I would love to try some of the recipes in the gourmet flavour thread, but as someone else said, often have to give up because I have no idea what the ingredients are.I think the problem is that Denmark has very VERY strict rules about food and the e-numbers and additives in it. Instant jello and pudding probably has something in it that the Health Department here think is dangerous to our delicate Danish...
You'd be surprised how many of the things I see in recipes here on CC that are impossible to find in Denmark; coffee dreamers, instant jello, pudding mixes, strawberry flavored gelatin, strawberry flavoured cream cheese, bettercreme, shortening, pumkin puree, and all those extracts always mentioned. I can get vanilla, almond and rum extracts. Also pecans, macadamias and cashews are incredibly expensive because they have to be imported. To make sweetned condensed milk you...
I realise that in America there is probably only a standard size but I live in Denmark where condensed milk is practically impossible to find, so I have to make it myself. Most cans, packages, containers, bags etc have the weight written on somewhere, and its that I'm looking for, it would be such a great help.
First, thank you to all those who are willing to share their recipes with the rest of us. I do appreciate this. However, since this site is worldwide, I would very much like if you could write the proper measurements in the recipes instead of just 1 can of... or 1 package of... The packages and cans have different sizes all over the world. At the moment, I would like to try this recipe, but I don't know...
I can't recommend a book you should buy, but I can tell you about one I don't like. I recently bought Simplifying Sugar Flowers by Alison Procter, and am now returning it. I was looking for a book on simple and easy sugar flowers, but this book is all about wired flowers for sprays and such.
Have you tried to Google 70's or perhaps Wikipedia? That might give you some ideas. Other than that, perhaps a tiered cake with each tier representing something from the 70's; disco, computers (that's when they emerged), the films of those years (Star Wars, Superman, Grease).Or personal events of the person to receive the cake?Or perhaps a cake in very 70's colours? Brown and orange, with matching flowers.
It seems to me this problem arises after every contest. I too would like to see the winner, isn't that the point of a contest? Would it be an idea to leave the contest link at the top of the homepage for a few days after the voting is over and show the winner there?
I'm lying here with a bad backache and a guilty conscience because I should be in the kitchen making dessert for christmas, but this almost made me fall off the sofa from laughing. Thanks guys for making my day. And a merry christmas to all. Or as we say were I live 'God Jul'
Thank you all for your suggestions. I will give it a try Merry christmas to all and a happy new year.
Thanks all for your quick replies. The recipes says "Line your tin with a double thickness of brown paper, then line again with baking parchment."So is the brown paper on the outside of the tin? And if I use newspaper instead, won't this burn in the oven? Perhaps I could line ot with three or four layers of baking parchment?
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