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I have no idea how to translate this, though I think I can guess what it means Thanks all, I do feel better now.
It was hazelnut with peach mousse and caramel filling, no raw eggs anywhere. It's been in the fridge all day and stood out for only about 20 minutes before we ate it. I want to agree with both of you that it probably isn't the cake, but what if it is? It does happen... I know I'm in for a sleepless night, and wont feel better until I've spoken to my colleagues tomorrow.
I work in a ministry and today brought a cake for work. All my colleagues thought it was beautiful and tasted great, and the head of my office thought we should give a piece to the minister, so we did. I handed it to her myself. But then on my way home I feel my stomach starting to 'act up' and now I'm terrifed that it was the cake and that I have given the minister and all my colleagues (including those from the neighbouring office because they got the left overs) a quesy...
Thank you so much, I will try that and hope it works.
I'm sorry to admit I haven't made it yet but it is on my to-do-list for this weekend. I'm planning on using it for lunch at work next week. BTW Thanks again for the link to Epicurios, it's a great site and so hard to choose which recipes to try first Edited to add; I went to a Middle Eastern store yesterday and they had both unsalted pistachios (unfortunately sold out) and sweetened condensed milk. Is this the same as evaporated milk?
Wuhuu!! Another Dane! Hvordan er vejret på Lolland? And to get to what this thread started out about, I just saw on Allrecipe a recipe for beet salad that needed '1 bunch of beets'. How much is a bunch?
I too prefer recipes in grams and kilos, so much more precise, but it isn't all that hard to change them, I use this site If you want cooking books in grams, try and make sure you order the european version of the book. I think most books are published both in an American version and in an English version. Personally I love Nigella Lawson's books.
Will do, thanks.
Please don't take this the wrong way, but I have to correct you. If I go to Copenhagen (which I do daily since I work there) I go in to Copenhagen, not over. I know this is stupid to waste time on but I remember once hearing a certain George W. Bush refering to Denmark as the capital of Sweden and it's not! It's a whole country of it's own, granted, not a large one, but if anyone dare calls us Swedish we might just remember we have viking blood in our veins and come for...
I know there are many delicious recipes out there with "natural" ingredients, but after having read so many recipes here on CC I got jealous of all those strange flavours and combinations. I'd love to try a pistachio cake, but when I can't even find unsalted pistachios (have tried three different stores and keep looking) I don't know how else to do it. Instant pistachio pudding seemed a good solution. About the store in Malmö, it isn't often I go to Sweden, but I don't...
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