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Thanks for your replies. I've already considered flowers, but would like to do something different. It isn't possible to do something related to the work the ministry do, but I like the idea with the smiley faces or the seasonal. There is still snow everywhere here, but a spring theme would be good, I think. Thanks again.
The ministry where I work is being split up and I want to make cookies for the colleagues I have to say goodbye to. I'm planning on NFSC with RI, but I have no idea what shape of cookies I should make.They don't have to be sad, but I would like them to represent good times and fun as well as saying goodbye to someone I really care for. Does anyone have ideas?
I want one too, but everywhere I've looked I have to pay more than the carrier costs to have it shipped to Denmark
The lady where I buy my fondant told me it could be frozen. Just wrap it up tightly and freeze, thaw at room temp. If you are making a lot of accents, I would separate them with baking parchment so they don't stick together. I don't know about the painting, but perhaps you could try with one accent?
I've offered to bring a cake for work on wednesday, but I will be home late on Tuesday, so am planning a cake that is quite simple, both in baking and decorating.I'm having trouble coming up with anything but a chocolate sheetcake with some kind of filling, but am a little lost for ideas on how to decorate it, and that got me thinking; if you were asked to bring a "quick" cake somewhere (work, church, party) what kind would you make and how would you decorate it?
Weigh your ingredients Sifted or not, it weighs the same.
But my bed is the end of a room, walled in on three sides, there is only one side I can get up on No seriously, I went to bed in a horrible mood, but now it's monday morning and I do feel a little bit better. I'll try to salvage the loop bow when I get home from work, and cross my fingers that the cake waiting for me at home will be a piece of cake (pun intended ) to decorate.Thanks guys for your encouragement, what would I do without you?
I've been in the kitchen most of today, both cooking and baking, but it seems to me that everything I've done has gone wrong!My white cake isn't white, it's yellow, and it wasn't baked through when I split it, I dropped a bowl of raspberry filling to the floor (think pink!), the turkey I cooked for salad for lunch tomorrow wasn't cooked through either when I cut it, the red cabbage for the same salad was rotten when I cut it and the radishes weren't too good either. Then I...
Hellooo!! I'm like so much a young people, and I like totally don't see the problem ya'll talking 'bout!!! I was at work when I read the this post and my colleagues couldn't understand why I was suddenly laughing so hard. My parents write better English than that, and neither of us are English
Aaaaarrrgggghhhhh And then That would be something of a miracle; The Immaculate Conception. You can start worshipping me now. No, kidding aside. It turned out no one else had become sick, which was a huge relief. I know you all told me it was highly unlikely that it was the cake, but I couldn't stop thinking 'what if?' I didn't get much sleep last night so my eyes are a bit heavy, but I told me colleagues and we've all laughed about it. And though I am always careful...
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