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I've been wanting a Cupcake Courier for a loooong time now, but everywhere I look they cost more to have shipped than the courier itself; $29,99 for the courier, $34,95 to have it shipped to Denmark and I'm just too cheap for that. But I'm going to London in the beginning of June and was hoping someone here would know of a shop where I can get one. Thanks in advance for your help.
You have three options. 1. As others here writes; say no, kindly but firmly, and that if they want a cake they'll have to give you at least a weeks notice. 2. Next time some one asks, say "Sure, if you do the shopping for the ingredients, run my busniess, look after my sons and take them to their sports, clean my house, wash our clothes and make dinner." Or whatever else you would be doing in the time it takes you to make a cake. 3. Or, "Sure, if you then fix my car by...
All right, thanks for your help
Hi all. My father has ordered a cake for his birthday on the 23th. He doesn't want a too sweet filling, so I suggested chocolate ganache, but now I'm wondering if I can add a splash of Kahlua to the warm cream and so make it a more 'grown-up' filling.Has anyone tried this? I'm mostly worried it will ruin the texture of the cream so it won't firm up. Thanks.
I live in Denmark and here is my list: shortening, cake flour, pudding mixes, flavoured coffee creamer, only vanilla and almond extracts, corn syrup, cream of tatar, canned pumpkin, cranberry sauce, and so much more that I can't remember at the moment. But what bugs me most, is that I can't get hold of a cupcake courier All the places I've looked I have to pay more than the courier costs to have it shipped Oh, and unsalted butter costs a bloody fortune
Thanks, you're making me blush I too love the idea with the little hearts in the chests, only I think I have some heartshaped sprinkles I can use.
Thanks for all your ideas, I knew you could help me I love the idea with different kinds of people, but also the hearts, though I gave them Valentines cookies a few weeks ago. At the moment I think I'll go with people and mix in some flowers - the forget-me-not idea is great. The actual move wont take place for another few weeks, so I have time to decide. And can enjoy spending more time with a bunch of wonderful people for a little while longer. I am going to miss them...
I realise Social Affairs can be understood in many ways, but in this case it doesn't mean party and fun. The Department of Social Affairs is the ministry that deals with the conditions of elders, disabled people, children, homeless and addicts; all the most vulnerable people in our society.So I don't think cocktail dresses and high-heeled choes will be all that appropriate I am sorry for my poor explanation of my work place in my earlier posts, but English is my second...
Sorry I didn't know that. It is a government Departement I work in. My dictionary says it's called the Department of the Interior in USA and the Home Office in England. Nothing religious about it.
It was The Ministry of Interior and Social Affairs, but now the Interior section is being combined with The Ministry of Health. I'm moving to the new ministry while some very dear colleagues in the HR department are staying in The Ministry of Social Affairs. This is in Denmark, so I'm afraid no one here knows the "Footprint" poem.
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