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I've thought the same (Where is the emoticon that shakes it's head and says tsk tsk tsk?) But the administrators watch the entries too, and remove cakes that are too far off the theme. They removed a cake a few days after the competition started because it had nothing to do with Steampunk, but if an entry is just a little close I guess they have to leave it there.
But that's where we the voters come in. If I don't think a cake fits the theme of the contest I give it zero stars even if it's very beautifully made.
There are two reasons why I think the current cake contest is one of the best there's been in the time I've known about CC:First, the theme is so unusual that it really gets the mind working on how to do such a cake, you can't just take any old picture of a cake and enter (at least, I don't think many people have made Steampunk cakes before )The second reason is the price. I think it's great that there are contests on CC but the usual price of 25$ isn't worth much if you...
The most accurate way is to weigh your ingredients, including the liquid ones, that will ensure consistent results every time.
Hi QueenMoSorry to hear about your problems. I can't give you much advise, only what I do myself. I have a bad back and knee, so when I do cakes I try to divide the tasks into shorter periods, like doing the cakes and icing, then a break. Then colour the fondant and make decorations, another break. Then put the cake together. And of course, always make sure you are in a good working position. Like sit down whenever you can in a chair that matches the heigt of your table....
That will be my last option if all else fails, because I'd have to coordinate it very precisely with the company so it is delivered to the hotel where I'm staying in one of the two days I'm actually there!
I can, but only through Amazon in US, they don't carry it on the UK site, and this means I have to pay $34,99 to have it shipped to Denmark I'm too cheap to pay more for shipping than for the item I want, in this case $29,99 for a cupcake courier.
Hi JohnDavid. I looked at the site you gave me, but Janeoxo is right, I'm not looking for someone to ship cupcakes but for a plastic carrier for transporting cupcakes. Thanks for your help anyway.
I will try that site, thanks
Thanks kizrash, but that's a bit too far away, I'm only in London for two days and I'm not sure my travel companion will agree to spanding one of those days travelling to Slough I was hoping that someone knew of a store or shop that sold them.
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