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I'm considering making personalized cookies for my family this Christmas, for instance soccer cookies for one cousin and shopping cookies for another, but I'm at a loss as to what cookies to make for my aunt who has cancer. My first thought was to make cookies like a pill glass and perhaps some pills, but my mother thinks (and I agree) that it might be a bit inconsiderate and stupid.My aunt used to knit a lot and play bingo, but I don't want to remind her of things she...
Thank you for sharing that, you've just given me the laugh of the day. I loved it And now I want cake, but I haven't got any
Flickr has a group called 'cakes for men'. Try there and you'll get a ton of ideas;
Hi Jackie, thanks for clearing that up, I totally understand now Any news on when you will have the next online contest?
Why can only US residents participate? I don't mean to sound peevish, but I don't think that's fair as there are so many different nationalities here.
Sounds to me like you have truly deserved a day in bed doing absolutely nothing but eat chocolate and watch tv. Put yesterday behind you and move on. Disasters have to happen at least once to everyone and now yours have, hoepfully never again. Enjoy your lazy-day
So far I've done mostly NFSC with ordinary RI, but the last time I made cookies I tried a pecan cookie recipe and it is delicious I hadn't any, but I imagine it would be good with orange flavoured RI.Other than that chocolate is ALWAYS good with orange, but also with strawberry or raspberry.
It happens here too, and I'm on the other side of the planet. Unsalted butter increased with 12% last month which isn't good for my cake budget. And I just saw yesterday that cream has risen too, thought not as much.As another poster mentioned, I too am waiting for flour to increase due to Russia's band. I'm seriously considering hoarding now
It's here! I've got it My parents' neighbour made a cupcake stand for me and I love it. It took him a couple of hours and some leftover wood and that was it. He didn't want anything as payment, but I am baking cupcakes for him as I write. The best part is that the stand is completely stable and comes apart. Instead of one long middle stick, he's made four smaller ones that are screwed...
Hi allThank you so much for all your help and pictures. You have no idea how much I appriciate it. I am not good with tools and such, but my father is. Unfortunately he doesn't have the right tools, but he told me that he would ask his neighbour and friend who is a carpenter if he could do something like this. My father even offered to pay for it. (I'll have to bake him a cake just for offering )I told him everything you've told me here, including all of the photoes, and...
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