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I know just how you feel, I'm so glad I found this site. Everyone around me are so tired of hearing about cakes and fondant and buttercream, but I guess they just don't understand. Their loss...
Hello AllI hope you don't mind a Dane budging in here, but UK is so much closer to me than US, both in distance and mentally!PaulineG:If you want to make an 8 inch recipe fit a 7 inch pan, multiply the ingredients with 0,75. If 9 inch multiply with 1,25. Hope this helps.I've noticed a lot of questions about what everyone uses to cover their cakes, and just want to add my own. I use a very good fondant made by a local shop with good quality ingredents (no artificial stuff),...
Everywhere I go on CC WASC is praised to the sky and I am just SOOO curious to try this recipe, escpecially with all the yummy alternatives posted here. But (there's always a but) cake mixes are if not impossible to find here, then very difficult, and not at all good, so could someone please!! post a WASC recipe from scratch? Thank you so much.
I am making a cake with two tiers, but the top tier is an odd shape. Does anyone have an idea as to what I can place it on? It is to be placed directly on the bottom tier, with dowels for support. I have a thin cakeboard (the kind with silver) but they are difficult and expensive to come by in Denmark, so I'm loath to cut it to pieces. Any suggestions are welcome.
Sorry to ask what is probably a stupid question, but what is a baby rump cake? And rice krispie treats? Maybe it is just that my English is not complete, but I'm quite curious and hope someone can explain or perhaps provide a picture.
Holding my breath? I squeeze my eyes shut and send a little prayer upwards. This is insane. I should be working, but everytime I pick up my pen and start reading, my eyes magically find their way back to the computerscreen. Perhaps I should put it in the closet for a few hours.
You guys! You almost made me forget the banana muffins I had just put in the oven. I just sat down to catch up while they were baking and time slipped. Luckily I was right next to the kitchen and could smell them before they burned (too much). SugarFrost that video was hilarious, thank you for starting my day with a a laugh.
Okay, it's almost midnight and I have to get up early tomorrow, so I'm for bed now. I don't think I'll be able to sleep, though, from the sheer suspense of what is happening here. I'll have to set my clock back half an hour so I have time to catch up in the morning before going to the zoo. Sleep well fellow cakers.
I had forgotten about the second wedding, but still... I am trying to watch Sleepless in Seattle, but just have to check back here every few minutes to see if anything new has happened. (This is were someone is supposed to say 'Get a life!')The road trip sounds like a great idea, I'm in, though it might take a while for me to get there. So just go ahead, i'll catch up with you.
dsevans - where are you???? Please please PLEASE tell us what has happened! I simply cannot wait till monday.
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