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50/50 mix will adhere to ganache with water, yep.
No problem - glad I could help.
What about a naked cake with your traditional marzipan fruit as decoration?   Is this it?
I can't speak for anything else, but I've had chocolate ganache sitting at room temp for a week in my kitchen in midsummer and it's completely fine.
 It might be good practice to stiffen your spine, and explain what you can and can't do. Do you have any experience working with marzipan? Will marzipan taste any good with chocolate and raspberry? I quite like marzipan, but I know many people don't - will it be eaten? Plus, she realises that marzipan is a dirty tan kind of colour? Is that the look you're going for?Feel free to just say, 'I'm not confident I can make that look and taste good. Here's your choices for what I...
I understand loving the compliments for the finished product, but not really enjoying the work involved. It's OK to have a break - just because you can do something, doesn't mean you have to do it.   Your kids are too young to care what your job is.   I find I get sick of doing the same boring stripes and spots and cut out flowers. Start only accepting jobs if they're interesting and new designs, and you'll find the passion again. Or charge a lot more. More money, less...
Whipped cream and hot outdoor party aren't compatible, unless you could keep the cake in a cooler.   I'm not sure fondant would stay on the side of a whipped cream cake, regardless.   You can't let large fondant pieces dry and then try to put them on a curved side of a cake. You can let them dry for a little while so they hold their shape, but not so much that they crack when you put them on.
You should give her the big cake, if that's what was discussed and promised at the consult. If just a three tier cake was discussed, I think you're fine to make the smaller one.   And if it's your friend, why does your DH care if you look cheap? Not that I think you will. I've always not given a birthday or wedding gift if I've done the cake, and in every single case, people have told me it's too big a gift, not too small.   Go here and start reading.
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