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I wouldn't take that order... but if your willing too I think it depends on the complexity of the design and what your decorating it with. 
i freeze them
search royal bakery on facebook, she has an awesome converse sneaker tutorial, free
nope, its wayyyyyy too soft lol
as long as the lorann oil says okay with chocolates (theres a list on the site and in the catalogs) then its fine
you can change the home page to see the new post instead of your post, just unclick the subscription box. simple and easy
LOVEEE the new updates! Wayyyyy better than the last updates. ill definitely be back more often now! Thanks guys your doing a great job
Hey everyone. I have a three tier sesame street cake to make soon and I have a few questions. My cake will be very similar to this: But the Elmo tier and the Cookie Monster tier will be buttercream. I want to use "fur looking tips" but I don't want both Elmo and cookie monsters fur to look the same (since they don't) beside the grass tip what tip can I use for fur?    Also, Big bird with be fondant with feathers like in the photo but I'm afraid that too many feathers...
This happened to me once, but mine was in the fridge, with smbc... I blamed it on the fridge which was going though. it was my last cake to go in that fridge anyway. I threw it out and rebaked/decorated it. 
The grain you are feeling is coming from the Crisco.   I know because for a while I was using a different brand of shortening (not high ratio, it was just another brand of shortening that I wish I could remember the name since my local grocery store no longer carries it!) After switching to smbc I no longer needed to buy the shortening until one day I had some very last minute cupcakes to do, all i had in my cabinet was crisco so I used it. I tasted the buttercream...
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