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@Izzy I use lorann oils also. This one I was testing out was an emulsion so I was a bit iffy about it. And I love the cotton candy oil, the kids love it when i flavor the fondant with either cotton candy or cherry. 
So update. It does taste like cream cheese frosting. But its still not the same taste as American cream cheese frosting, its no were near as sweet. (which is a good thing) It is strong though I don't recommend using the whole teaspoon as instructed on the bottle. Start off with half. I am still able to taste the difference between real cream cheese frosting and this but i dint think a customer would really be able to tale. (not that I wouldn't tale them anyway) I'm using...
Ill let you both know in the morning :)
Anyone use this yet? what was your results? I have it and its just starting at me, I admit im a bit afraid to test it out lol. I bought it because I figured now i can make cream cheese SMBC. And also to decorate my red velvet roll out cookies in RI
How bout just make the logo pink.
I loved the class. I learn a few useful tips! I also have modern piping. I learned alot from that class. I will admit though i was hoping for a little more but for $20 bucks its definitely a great video. 
Thank you very much for this!! :)
I've tried googling... or maybe I'm just not looking hard enough I couldn't find the details. I really just need to know what sizing stands for the cakes to sit on and how big to make the base board. I should have it from there. thanks.
Hi everyone, I need a little help. I'm supposed to be making a cake to replicate this: The megazord from power rangers jungle fury for my nephews birthday. My sister wants at at least 2 to 2.5 feet tall. I have never worked with PVC piping before and I'm not exactly sure how to build or even size the dimension's for this. I do know that his arms and legs will be rkt, and I want the head and body to be cake. were do I start and what size boards do i use so I can order...
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