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wow. something in that recipe or something that your doing is definitely off. But I'm totally the wrong one to explain why this is happening. hopefully one of our bakers who's more sciencey can help out lol. 
lmaooo cause I have a feeling we both know things are about to "blow up". Guess I'll have to wait until this evening to give you all a report. 
its a yellow cake (both tiers) Toba Garretts recipe. I don't even know how I managed that. I was rushing to get the order done because the customer was late with her payment but since it was my old neighbor I decided not to turn her away. I remember sitting the top tier on top of the bottom to see if I wanted then lined perfect or offset. Omg! It was cold but its still going to sit out at the party. I even center doweled it so I don't see how I could forget the bottom...
I would also keep it simple, dont hurt yourself. But I do like that oreo mold idea nice and easy yet still very cute!
I just sent a cake out the door and realized I forgot to put dowels in it!! It's a 2 tier square 8 & 6 inch covered in fondant! I'm a nervous wreak now! Do I call them and tell them or do I wait and see? It was for my old next door neighbor who I group up calling my other mom but she can be a hugeee drama queen at times. I can't believe I forgot to put dowels in! I never do that. 
You have an angry birds cake as your avatar... 
I use 1/4 inch dowels to roll my dough between. these cookies can be made in advance and frozen or stored in an airtight container (great for when you have huge cookie orders). I wouldn't suggest baking your cookies on foil though, I (and many other cookie decorators) use parchment paper. I roll on wax paper but you can roll on parchment paper also. Also before I place my cookies in the over I place the in the freezer for a couple of minutes, these reduces spreading...
I wouldn't put fondant on a smash cake for a 1 year old. It could be a big choking hazard. I suggest butter cream only.
vegetable oil 
meetup nyc cake decorators... im a member also. And atone of the culinary schools toba garrett has a week long course (3 of them actually) for $500+. its pricey but shes an amazing cake decorator and its worth it imo. 
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