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didnt notice how old it was lol
That's disgusting. And for future reference mixed breed dogs are NOT always hypo allergenic! I'm an on again off again groomer and I know this first hand, Ive had soo many people bring in their hypo designer breeds and the little brats would shed all over the place. And even the ones who didnt shed and have hair instead of  fur, have hair breakage. hair breaks and sheds also. That's why if you ask most vets they will tell you truthfully that's there's no such thing as a...
Hello, I use Toba Garrett's vanilla cake recipe and I love it! How do I turn it into marble cake? I tried before and it didn't turn out right. I think I added too much cocoa powder. 
in case your looking for a scratch recipe this one is awesome
when I want to sub sour cream into a scratch oil cake what do I remove the milk or the oil? The milk right? 
How does the pricing go for these things? Do you charge like you would for a regular cake and price the cupcakes per serving or do you charge per dozen?? I'm lost here.
theres no link
SOOO the cake survived the whole party! Wooowhoo! Sorry I didn't post last night I was sleeping all day then went to my night job (cna). Ill be sure to move the dowels closer to the work table the next time I go back to the kitchen lol. Thanks everyone!
wow. something in that recipe or something that your doing is definitely off. But I'm totally the wrong one to explain why this is happening. hopefully one of our bakers who's more sciencey can help out lol. 
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