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Sounds like you want to make a 10" double barely cake? just google double barrel cake and there's plenty of tutorials.
lmaooo I was about to say a baby on a grill too! 
They're really set on a petal shaped cake but want it to feed 30 people. I go by the wilton servings charts and the 8 inch petal pan only feeds 14 so even a two tier would only feed about 20. What do you suggest??
Ewww margarine??  I started using the doctored mixes but  to me, I just wasn't a REAL baker/decorator, so i searched and searched and searched for good scratch recipes and edited them to the way they suit me and my customers. I'm now a 100% scratch baker and honestly nothing makes me prouder to say all my cakes are made from scratch :)    oh yeah and to answer the ops question I used to love dh french vanilla box mixes for vanilla cakes. Idk about chocolate i always made...
No, it makes me want to practice more so I can be as good as they are. 
Why do I have to download attachments to see them?? I HATE that
@schoolbaker NO
This is how I am now with cake pops. I used to cheat myself when selling by the dozen. And it wasn't the most enjoyable thing to make either. Once I raised my prices and priced them individually I actually started making profit off of them.... And I also don't get as many orders. Which oddly I'm happy about. Id rather focus on my cakes anyway lol.
get her a gift card
ha! My friend wouldnt be getting a cake lol
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