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my black royal icing for cookies taste like black licorice and leaves a horrid taste in your mouth. how do i get it to taste icing and not have the food coloring taste. All i have for right now is Wilton black.once im out i will be changing to americolor.
non toxic pastals are whats being grinded @postal_cakemakeri was thinking of using pill planners but you all have better suggestions! glad i asked. thanks
thank you very much!!
thank you for the link
So i want to grind down my own pastals for petal dust but i have no clue where to buy 48 little containers from... any ideas? (non-expensive ideas)thanks
Where can I purchase a dummy cake from?
I've seen a few pretty cool cakes by someone on my facebook page (I can't remember her business name) but she did an awesome minnie mouse photo using the ss and fondant. And also one of mario. its pretty darn pricey ($4 and change) for me for it to only come with one sheet each. I doubt id buy em. Pretty soon someone will come up with a way to make them at home anyway lol.
A lot of good questions. Id like to know the answers myself.... (its so hard getting answers on this sight)
Okay I'm going out on a whim here cause I know my forum post hardly every get responses.Anyone have a recipe for butterless frosting. (Not buttercream) a kind similar to the white frosting in bakeries. The taste is so much different that buttercream and all my family and friends prefer that over the richer buttercream.I've been searching the recipes section all day and can't find one. (That really is a crappy search feature )Thanks in advance I love this sight
thank you for the help... anyone else with any answers???
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