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I had a similar issue with the solid wilton liners. for one recipe they seemed too large for the pan and fiolded in. but for a different recipe they fit just fine.... I couldnt understand that not one bit. I cooked the second recipe they day after attempting the first (it was a failure thats why I redid it) But i noticed the second recipes batter wasnt as thick as the firsts either...
umm I just had a family member ask me if I could do 3 dozen muffins for her job. she wants to give out my baking to her coworkers and works the night shift so she figured muffins would be more appropriate for when the day shift comes in.... Only thing is I have no muffin recipes. does anyone have any they can share? preferably blueberry, banana nut, anddd I don't know coffee maybe? can they be made in the regular cupcake pan or should I go buy a larger cupcake pan? Thanks...
put fondant over an ice cream cake? just wondering. I'm looking for fun ideas for my sister and my birthday that I'm merging since our birthdays are 7 days apart....
I need a good non crusting cream cheese frosting for cupcakes... (red velvet and carrot) any good recipes?
Cool, Im just going to get 2 big bags then and do it that way
I love the dove idea. And the open bible. thank you!!
Is it possible to color my own standing sugar? Like if i put some in a baggie and add a little food coloring and mix it up very well? Has anyone done this?
Okay so I just got an order for pastor anniversary cupcakes. I have noo clue what to do. The girl just said she wanted them red velvet with cream cheese frosting and some type of design. I don't know what to put I'm not a religious type of person. The only thing that comes to mind is crosses.. maybe some flowers.. a dove or 2... any help would be great. Thanks.
Thank you for the link! And yea Im about to go stock up on black also
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