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I used all Gumpaste both times.... I once did a gummy one and it came out fineBut yes I packed it stuffed the crap out of it then cut off the extra. I think maybe its the freezer also. but I was told you have to let it dry at least a week when drying in just the mold.... maybe I was taught wrong?on another note, chocolate sounds really awesome
id do it purple with lime green an black decorations. or black with lime green and purple decorations. and dress the baby with a witch hat or as a anne geddes pumpkin lol
I make my baby with gumpaste and freeze it for 15-20 minutes. but after I take it out the mold it sinks as its coming to room temperature. the butt sinks in and the head gets flat and wide... anyone know how to fix this?
hey we share the same birthday . im making my own, well merging it with my little sisters since hers is 7 days apart from mine.
2 questions. Can leopard print be done on the inside of a cake like zebra can be done? it can be colorful or traditional colors.And also where can I get the colored wires to insert into a cake (and have little decorations hanging off the opposite end). preferably that I can get asap. (im in nyc)
thank you! And thanks billions for the links!!!
hmmn thats a good idea I have those at the dollar store around my way Ill go pick one up 2mro
thank you imagenthatnj!!
thank you for this review! I cant wait for the one I want to come back in stock!!!
I had a similar issue with the solid wilton liners. for one recipe they seemed too large for the pan and fiolded in. but for a different recipe they fit just fine.... I couldnt understand that not one bit. I cooked the second recipe they day after attempting the first (it was a failure thats why I redid it) But i noticed the second recipes batter wasnt as thick as the firsts either...
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