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lol cut*
cute the edges off
go to karens cookies she has the recipe on her site
thank you @sweettreat101 where do you think Id be able to find some pastry pride
I wanted to test out different rollout cookie flavors to decorate but as you said I guess I just have to try it and let you know
...or a marshmallow creme filling anyone have any recipes? thank you.
Is there any way I can take a simple drop cookie recipe and convert it to a roll-out cookie?
tool belt filled with bottle, pacies, diaper. etc
That cake is too cute bobwonderbuns.... funny name btw..... and okay ill give it another go 50/50 this time one in the freezer and one out and see how it goes. Thank you
the expandable foam. I got the idea off another post a few days ago and I have a can currently sitting on my draw. The thing is are these for one time use only or can I change the liner? Would it be able to just peel away?
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