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never never never use crisco for buttercream. If anything use an off brand shortening if you do not have access to high ratio
I believe way beyond cakes by mayen has a tutorial on his face look for her on fb
I like the one with the cheeks under more but i like the other ones eyebrows and mouth
the flower nail, or the wet towel strips in place of bake even strips 
Its a cake. Unless the customer asked specifically for a helmet to be accurate to historical times what does it matter? Your response didn't help with the ops question nor add on to SPCOhio's answer. Nobody likes a snob. 
I really do like clam shells for the reason that they show the product off so easily. But then there's the cost of bags to put the clam shell in that adds to it. Boxes you can usually just tie one on top of the other with matching color twine.  Both have its ups and downs just chose which one you prefer its your business. :)
knock off pam (pam leaves an after taste to me) flour and depending on the pan, parchment paper
well sheesh did her viking helmet hit a soft spot or something lol. 
How did I not see this?? I feel so so slow lol. Thank you. I never knew there was a table clamp either! I sooooo need that
get the cake as close to the lower cake as possible then quickly drop it. Quick, simple, easy.
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