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HI, i need a hollywood star cake (slim points) to feed 48. how do large do i make the star so i can know what size pans to cut from?  thanks for your help.
Can you pipe? You could easily pipe that design. And i think that in a royal blue and gray would look beautiful! Too bad i would of happily took that order. 
I bought the Kenmore 5qt mixer when it was on sale at sears. Just as good as the kitchen aid at a better price. Ill soon be buying a second one. Hopefully they'll have the purple one in stock this time! 
I do one layer 6 inch smash in buttercream only. 
Yes. That was my other idea (with the dummies) ill test out the roses with royal icing idea also! Thank you very much
Hey everyone. I have my first wedding cake order coming up and the customer is asking for a 4 tier wedding cake with the top and middle tiers covered in live roses. I dont want to just poke a bunch of holes into my precious cakes. How else can I get the whole cake covered without destroying the tiers? (I know the flowers need water picks first and are not supposed to go directly into a cake) She doesn't want the gumpaste roses because they are out of her budget. Also do...
Honestly it was a mistake (that could have EASILY been avoided if one of you were paying more attention) on the both of your behalfs. I would have refunded her at least half since you also should have checked location and it is half your fault. Or I would i wrapped and packed it the best I could charged her for overnight shipping and shipped it. 
Thank you!
Thank you :)
I had that fear too and hesitated for a bit but I just knew I'd be miserable if I sent out a cake that looked like that!
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