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of course
Girl get you some clip art that's gymnastics themed and base your design off of there. Cupcake cakes are ultra easy to design. Pipe a cute boarder, add matching colored sprinkles around the edges and your done. They take a **** load of frosting though lol.
the fibers alone would make me say NO 
Maybe you should change your recipe or try a different type of buttercream. Its not hard if you pratice. If you cant get your buttercream smooth your fondant wont be smooth either.
Hi, i use Roland Winbecklers french vanilla cake recipe and everyone loves it. I converted to chocolate perfectly. I wanted to know if anyone knows how to convert this recipe to peanut butter and also to strawberry. (without the use of jello gelitian only pudding please)   Heres the recipe for those who dont know:
looooooove. for a second I thought they were arti cakes
looks like an onlay 
HI, i need a hollywood star cake (slim points) to feed 48. how do large do i make the star so i can know what size pans to cut from?  thanks for your help.
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