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Does anyone know where or how to get Transformer cookie cutters? I need Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee.......any ideas???Please help!
Oh awesom! Thank you! I soo needed paterns too! I love this site!
Thank ya'll! That helps a lot!!!!
Thank you. I am so new at this and everything looks so easy on the instructionals but then I do it and its NOT! hahaDo you frost the second tier before you put it on or just crumb coat it and frost it after you stack it? I can't figure out how to lift the cake without messing the bottom. Thanks!
This has probably been asked on here before but here it is again......When you stack your tiers how do you keep from messing them up. I have not stacked a fondant cake only butter cream and have a mess on my hands once I get the tier in place. I have either messed the one below but most of the time I have messed up the tier I am stacking. I temd to mess up the icing when I pick it up. How do you avoid that?
I am new to all this so I am not sure about gum paste vs. fondant. I want to do a pair of baby boots for the top of a cake but am not sure what to do them with or how to even make gum paste.....I have seen the recipes for gum paste on this site is it better to make it or can you buy it?Any advice would be apreciated! Thanks.
I am doing a shower cake with Gerber daisys and am not sure if I need to put water picks on each stem and poke em in the cake or just set the flowers on and hope for the best........any suggestions??? Please help!
If your white is fine try using less liquid so that when you color it it won't thin out.
Looks like you don't need my 2 cents but here they are anyway!...I have done both and really like the melted choc. its not as bitter or grainy.
Thank you ery much.
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