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I like the impact that syrup can have on a cake, especially lemon or orange but I am not sure what works well on chocolate cake. Any suggestions for a syrup recipe for chocolate cake?
I have found that using small amounts of the Americolor Royal blue gives the greenish tint of that Tiffany Blue.
I would like to make a cake ball cake and thought it would be a good idea to have a cone to support it. Can I get an idea from people what they use for this or do you tend to make a solid pile of cake balls and if so, how do you stick them together?Any help would be much appreciated!
I'm just interested to know how many of you pour flavored syrups onto your cakes? Do you make your syrup from scratch or some some product?Does it impact how you go about decorating your cake?I've never done it but am tempted to give it a go.....
Thanks anasazi17.That is great to know!
I have been asked to do a Radio Flyer Cart cake with the little wooden side supports on top. Initially I was thinking that I would use pastillage for the wooden bits but then I thought that maybe gingerbread would work.The "wooden" sticks would have to be burrowed into the cake so it would stand up. Would gingerbread soften too much and break?Can you suggest the best material and any tips for making sure the structure stays on top of the cake?Thanks!
I have just made the cupcakes I need to send into my daughter's class on Monday. I am planning on putting snowmen on top.Obviously they will need to be frozen and my original intention was to freeze them now and decorate them when I take them out on Sunday night. I just realized that I have a houseful of people on Sunday night so now I'm wondering if I could decorate them today and freeze them decorated?Each cupcake will be individually bagged. Any suggestions on the...
Thanks for the suggestions. I didn't really go about this the right way and hence the seams but I managed to cover them up using fondant "grouting" as used in Lindy Smith's book. The surface was painted in a mottled manner so it worked to some extent. Not perfect but my friend was happy.I'll post a picture of the cake (Jupiter) shortly.
I have just put fondant on a ball cake and have lots of seams. How do I most easily get rid of them. Rubbing with my hands just isn't cutting it?
I am planning on doing a Neptune cake for someone next week. I have 8" ball tins. This is my first time doing a ball cake and I am wondering if a bigger ball is harder than a smaller one or does it not make much difference? Should I rush out and buy 6" ball tins?I just read in another post that you need to dowel the bottom. Just wondering also how widely the dowels should be spaced, as in how much of the bottom should be flattened. Also, should I cut the bottom flat or...
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