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Thanks for all the advice everyone! I dont have gumpaste but I have a little gum tex to put in the fondant just so I can make the numbers, will it be enough to make the number sturdy. OR can I use something else?
Oh ok. I might just have to do with the the lollipop stick but I really didnt want anything to stick out. Is there any other way?
Thanks that really helps. I wonder would a toothpick help with the 5 so it wont show as much?
Hi everyone! I'm making a cake for my niece this weekend she's turning 15. I want to make a big 15 to go on top of the cake and I fell in love with the style of these numbers. I just have no clue how to make them, Please help!!!
Water works, so does buttercream but my teach also taught me to use Vodka.
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