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Hi All.... so as promised here is a picture of the cake... I was able to convince the groom to have only the top tier in styrofoam and made the middle and bottom tiers in cake... more value for money... removed the roses from my inital design as they were over kill.  Thanks again for your support and comments... we did end up with a resonable all ended well.    
Thanks everyone for the feedback....  Will post a picture when the cake is done.. its in a months time.  :o)
K8 - They only want the bottom tier to be cake and the two top ones as dummies. So I have to go with a later tier to serve at least 80.  They are not that fussed that the number of servings have to be exact as its only for close family and friends and they have other desserts also being served at the buffet.
Thanks for your responds...   AZCouture- The topper will be handmade by me, its for an Indian themed wedding and they want a similar concept for the the topper (see picture). I was thinking abt $500 for the cake, given that the 2 top tiers are dummies.         K8memphis - I agree that the flowers are over kill and the drape will be lost.  The two top tiers are dummies, so going with a 13" bottom tier to server 80 guests. Also I will be hand piping the detail on the...
Hi All.... I have my first wedding cake order, from a friend, who would like the cake to look the picture/ sketch below, the sketch that has all the detials they want and the picture is where they got their ideas from .  Also need to keep the cost low   1. The bottom tier will be a white cake with chocolate SMBC, 13" x 4"   2. The two top tiers will be dummy cakes and will be on serparators (5"x3") that will be hidden with white and red fondant roses, that I will be...
Hi there, I have an order for 200 eggless vanilla cupcakes and a Sesame street themed 2 tiered cake. I am stuck as to how much to charge for the cupcakes and at the same time don't want to over price, being a home baker. Any suggestions would be really helpful.
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