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Check out this video, I was at Cookie Con and it was a highlight to see her in action.   She said that she uses paste food colors rather than gel, that they work better for her.  She puts the color on a palette, lets them dry and then uses like water colors. 
They're called Unicorn Poop cookies!  
Check out this video:'s Cookies also sells the sticks you need for Cookie Pops.
Check these out: also has great selection of sprinkles and sugars at good prices.Whenever I'm interested in a particular cutter, I do a search on ebay and also google images, if I see something interesting, I click on it for more information.
Fancy Flours has some: ebay seller also has several different shapes, check his other items too. I have bought from him and they were nice cutters. ...
The doughboy is like a gingerbread boy in a chef's hat -- is that what you're thinking of?There are quite a few of them listed on ebay, check them out:
They're pretty, I'm sure they will like them!
Well, you did make us laugh and/or smile! When we make ugly cookies we call them "eaters", as in, eat the evidence before someone sees it. My husband's friends are happy to eat any ugly cookies that I need to get rid of. Yes, I think we've all been there, if you keep practicing (and taking photos) you will see how much better you can get with each attempt.
This is what I want to try:I have the set of Peanuts Hallmark cutters (the everyday ones, not the holiday ones), like these: was going to do like SugarBelle does and use portions of multiple cutters to get the designs you want. So hopefully it will work out to be a Peanuts character standing behind a large pumpkin, similar to this...
I found these beautiful butterfly cookies inspirational:'s important to choose colors with nice contrast, or throw some black and white in. It really makes the designs pop.
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