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Icer101 - I tried the recipe and I really thought it was it do to my memory of ingredients. I tried it but it never got hard. It was a soft icing. I was wondering if you ever tried it. I didn't know if I should have cooked it to hard ball stage instead of thread stage. Any thoughts.
I don't think it is Penuche Frosting. I know it did not have brown sugar in it. The Old Fashioned Boiled Icing is a good starting point. I will have to try it. If I can figure this out, what a treat it will be. Thanks for any and all help.
When I was young my grandmother made a cake that everyone in my family loved. It was a doctored box mix with sliced bananas and a divinity like icing. After she passed away we realized no one had the recipe for the icing. All of us wish we could have that cake again. At several family functions we talk about it. All we can remember is that it was a cooked icing (water and sugar - divinity like). It is not the seven minute icing. This icing would get hard like...
I am making cupcakes for my son's class and he asked me to make MacsMom Orange Dreamsicle recipe. My question is, has anyone tried to make them into cupcakes. I know that I made the recipe a couple times and sometimes it is great and once it fell in the middle. I also know there are three different versions of the recipe. The one I have is: Do you think this will work or will it be too moist for cupcakes?Orange Dreamsicle - MacsMom 2 boxes white cake mix 2 c...
Any suggestions???? I have to make this again tonight and I would love to solve the issue.
The recipe is:1 package (8oz) Bakers semi-sweet chocolate squares1 lb powdered sugar1 stick butter (1/2 cup)2 tsp vanilla1/3 cup milk.I have increased the milk in the past and it makes it soft in the beginning, but I still find that it drys out.
I am having issues with my chocolate frosting drying out after I put it on my cake/cupcakes. When I make it is very smooth and soft, but the day after I put it on the cake it is dry and stiff. The recipe is from baker's chocolate and is the one bowl frosting recipe. Any suggestions on what to do? Or a suggestion for another recipe that is similar. My kids love the recipe, so I have to keep it close.
Any ideas??? Gotta have the cookie in the oven in 4 hours.
I have to make a sugar cookie cake today and need a good recipe. This will have to be something that will not spread and I can decorate after. I am concerned my recipe will brown too much on the sides and not cook in the middle. Any suggestions.
Here is a link that discusses how toxic they are. I would discuss with bride, but I wouldn't do it.
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