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Can someone explain to me how the bubbles are made with balloons...having trouble visualizing the whole thing....Let's start with a blown up water balloon....So I crisco or PAM the outside of the balloon???.....I then paint on the gelatin....then what?????? How do I get the balloon out of the way?????TIA
Seriously???? You guys could be the best company I've EVER dealt with.... Why would I EVER buy my products elsewhere??? It's too late tonight for me to do a nozzle work-up... But tomorrow...I'll be attacking my nozzles with a new sense of verve!!!! Thanks for the speedy reply. I'll report back with my progress...or lack thereof.
I'm hoping someone can help me...I purchased the Canon MP560 and the Set of Gold Label Edible Ink Cartridges... I'm attempting to scan items into the printer (actually, I just hit "COPY") and the colors are all off... The background of the item (outside the printing area) is blue and none of the colors are accurate or brilliant at all. When I did the initial test page, it seemed to print just fine.. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong???
Thanks Spuddysmom!!!!! ; )
I've done a tie dye cake and I was planning on marbelizing the fondant to cover my cake, but I didn't think it achieved the looks I was going for. I ended up using the marbelized fondant for my peace signs on top of the cake and for my rose...I covered the cake in MMF and airbrushed the tie dye design onto the cake...'s a link to my photo...HTH
can you pm it to me too...I would love to know how she did that...Huge fan of that cake!!!
I say, "I could tell you, but then I'll have to kill you...." (insert other person's laughter as if I just told a joke) and then I say (deadpan), "no, really...I'll have to kill you." Haven't given away any tips and haven't had to kill anyone yet.
I think you did a beautiful job. Congratulations on a job well done!
I make the stars a bit thicker and heat the end of the wire with a flame (lighter) and immediately insert into the star. The heat from the flame makes the wire so hot that it melts the fondant or gumpaste, the wire slides right into the star and when the fondant or gumpaste cools it forms its own glue...very easy...
I don't have a tutorial (sorry ) but I did a cake with duckies on it.I just used a rubber duckie as a model and molded away trying to keep the dimensions as close as possible to the toy that I was comparing it to...I'll try to include a picture...
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