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So I have always wanted to make a pistachio cake, but never really got around to it for one, and for two didnt want to spend the money on the pistachio's... (hey its a recession!!) Anywho, so I am at this market last night and the nice Asian man says to me "you always look at pistachio but you never buy... here I give you whole crate for five dolla!!" WOW what a deal! so now I am going to make my pistachio cake that I have always wanted to make, and bring it to work. ...
I just started working with BC and dont really know much about it, can I attach fondant pieces to it? Do I use the same extract or alcohol as I would with fondant on fondant? Also, can I hand paint BC once it is crusted and dry? thanks for the help!!
Okay so I am leaving work in about an hour and I am planning on making a coconut cake this weekend for my nephew, but I want to put a chocolate ganache filling with slivered almonds and I have never made one before so this may sound ridiculous, but does the ganache get hard? will it 'smoosh' out of the sides when i put the other layers on top? should I let it sit and harden then add the layer on top? Is there a different chocolate filling that would work better? I am...
I noticed on some of the cheesecake fillings from your list, there are some flavored ones... what do you use for the different flavorings, and how much do you add?
YEP, that was me! ((raises hand)) tsk tsk tsk Well Melvira, i want to thank you as well, and ALL of you guys actually, for making my first week here memorable to say the least! I have learned so much and honestly I did NOTHING on Tuesday at work other than be on CC all day!! As for this thread, I did have something similar happen, I had made a cake for this lady who was most likely Mrs. Richie Rich's step sister.... she went to pick up the cake, ooohh'ed and aaahhh'ed...
Yep, I just had a client cancel a cake today because she didnt want to spend the money on it. I gave her a VERY good deal though, I was charging her only $120 for a Three tier THREE flavored cake with bows, roses and hand rolled fondant pearls!! can you believe that??!! I was floored, she wanted the cake for $50! HA!!
I am diggin on this banana thing... that sounds great!! lmao @ butane!! hahahaha
I am making a cake this weekend for my nephew's birthday and i wanted to do something with Peanut Butter cup filling, so I wanted to seeif anyone can tell me what flavor of cake would best compliment this. Keep in mind that he doesnt really like chocolate cake, and I think plain vanilla might be a bit too 'yawn' so any other ideas would help greatly!
wow, that is gorgeous!!
Thank you so much!!
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