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Thank-You!Your cake is beautiful! I think I will give it a try!
Hi,Does anyone have instructions for a violin cake? I want to surprise my daughter with one for her 10th birthday!Thanks
I also was thinking the wondermold pan would be great for this...
I use wilton teal as well.
Do NOT do this cake!
I have the one with the baseboard and I'm very happy with it!
I just started using the Melvira method and it works like a charm! Thanks Melvira!
Wow! That's terrific! It definitely does not look like a first time cake to me!
Terrific roses! What a wonderful thing to be able to share time doing something you both love! My grandma is the reason I love cake decorating today. She made beautiful cakes for me every year on my birthday, even though it fell on Christmas Eve. I will never forget those cakes! She lived too far away to share her hobby with me but the memory of those special cakes is what has inspired me to learn and make cakes for my own kids, and hopefully grandkids, someday.
I also don't like wedding cakes. I have made 3 wedding cakes and they all turned out just fine. However, I hated doing every single one of them. For me, it is just too stressful. The wedding cakes I made were free for family and friends so I can't imagine how stressed I'd be getting paid to do one! Hats off to those of you who do it! I definitely admire your work!
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