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Has anyone tried the new Icing Genius?
I am making a cake for my granddaughter who is going to Australia as a student ambassador.  I thought I would make a suitcase but wanted to put some things from Australia on it.  Any suggestions?
I would check Michaels Crafts.  They seem to have a bunch of really unusual ones lately.  I purchased some with Roosters on them  
Hi, I was looking for the PDF for the Darth Vader cake but didn't see an attachment?  Is it on the website anywhere?  
I also received the Duff's airbrush at Christmas last year and I love it! I have had no problems with it and have done several cakes with it. I thought is was pricey and at the time, they would not allow you to use coupons on Duff's stuff. I am a hobby baker for friends and family and would purchase this again. But I also have had some issues with some of the gel colors. I will try the vodka to thin it out and see how that works.
I took the classes at Michaels and you are required to purchase the tools for all of the classes. We also had to make and bring our own cake and buttercream to class. Hope this helps!
They are selling them in BJ Wholesale also. I believe it is a 6 inch cake for 19.99
I would use RKT to make the tower and then cover with fondant
I ordered them through Amazon and it was free shipping
I don't like it right now...I miss the middle of the old page which showed the newest Forum Topics. Still haven't navigated all yet because I can't seem to stay on the site long enough....I guess I don't like change too much
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