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From my initial post you know that I don't use a meringue glue but I'd make it fresh each time if I did.
When I make Gum glue I put 2 tsp of Tylose in a small jar (a clean babyfood jar works well) then pour 1/3 - 1/2 C boiling water in. I then put on the lid and shake vigorously, venting occasionally. I then let it rest with the lid on loosely for at least 5 hours. I don't think that an egg glue is strong enough for gumpaste. Good Luck!
Thank you for posting The CCBC recipe I currently use has PS but I love making SMBC and IMBC so I will definately try this recipe. It sounds absolutely DELISH!!!
If you are not going to crumb coat it until tomorrow night, I think it would be best to freeze it and let it thaw out during the day tomorrow. If you do freeze it, double wrap with saran wrap then wrap in foil I personally never freeze cakes. Sometimes I will bake a cake late in the pm, double wrap with saran wrap then double wrap with foil and leave it on the table to crumb coat, frost, and decorate starting early the next day. I've never had a problem with dryness.HTH
When I read your heading on the homepage, I was thinking 3-4/serving so I think that 4 is good especially since the party is going to be a long one. Are the guests going to graze during the party opposed to having a sit down meal?
I make the frostings the day I am going to frost the cake, unless I am using fondant (I make it the day before). Depending on the filling, I'll make that the day before, also. I usually don't freeze my cakes but I know that I may have to if business really picks up. Right now I'll bake the day I frost /fill or the night before so I'll defer this question to another baker. Don't worry, it will all fall into place. Just be patient with yourself and try pacing yourself,...
Last week I had to make 15 3-D peach cakelets for a 40th birthday party, 50 decorated sugar cookies, 320+ wedding cuppies and a wedding cake to make. Whenever I have a large volume of baking to do, I make a schedule to get things organized of when I will make what. Organize your recipes ahead of time. I'd do any GP flowers/figures now to get them out the way if I were you. Anything you can do ahead. Always plan for mishaps because they sometimes occur,...
Great info. Thanks for sharing your business sense! As always....CC and it's members are the best!
I'd throw it out.
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