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I feel your pain! I totally changed the color scheme of a cake because I didn't want to tackle making red fondant so....I went with a Tiffany blue and black. LOLBut, that doesn't help you, does it??how is it today?
I also made my own with the blank stencil sheets and an exacto knife to cut/trace out the design.But, then mine was just a simple bare branch, so it wasn't horribly intricate.
I just uploaded a cake a few minutes ago with these.What I did was to dip the strawberries in white chocolate first and let them harden. Then they were dipped in the dark chocolate at 45 degree angles to for the V-shaped lapels on the front of the tux.To make the bowtie and buttons, I just dipped a toothpick in the dark chocolate and "painted" them on each one.hope that helps a bit!
If given my druthers, Id always go with fresh flowers or gumpaste. Having said that, I have used silk flowers. The customer gets what the customer wants, right?Just uploaded a pic in my photos of a huge wedding cake decorated with silks the bride specifically asked for so they would match the rest of the arrangments on the tables.
another blogger here toonot just cake tho, all kinds of recipes, Im not food biased
uuuuuuuuuugh, Im so sorrymy heart breaks for you and that poor little girl =(
Im sorry too, that must've been so frustrating!believe me, we all go through thisso chin up! The next one will be better =)
that is so pretty!such a great job, I have no doubt why they were thrilled =)
wow that Barbie must be the ultimate multi-tasker! LOLthat was great, thanks for the giggle =)
oh how cool is that dress?ok, so first...get some black Satin Ice because coloring your own black is enough to make you wanna slap your momma. lolHow big is her party going to be?Id probably go 3 tiers.First 2 tiers, black with a section of thin, white zebra stripes starting at the base and spiraling around and up thru the 2nd layer ending at the base of the top layer, piping small white dots radiating from that zebra spiral (larger dots to smaller til they almost...
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