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Is this cake done using a cutter? If so, where can I find it? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!It won't allow me to upload the photo of the cake, so here's the link to...
I would like to do a cake similar to this one and want to know if the mountains are painted or if they are done in fondant. They appear to be flat, so I don't think it is fondant but it appears so flawless that I wanted to know what they used if it was painted. I know that Ace of Cakes did this cake. Thanks for any help!!!!!
I just did a 300 cupcake tower for a wedding this past weekend. And I loved it. I thought it was easier than doing a wedding cake for 300. The set-up just took longer. At least an hour. I had enough pans and oven space to bake 100 at a time, so it didn't take long. I think by the time I prepared the batter, filled them, baked them, etc. it took 2 hours per 100. And the frosting part wasn't that hard either. I tripled my recipe and I think I did that at least twice to have...
I am self taught. I took the Wilton courses to teach me the basic piping techniques, but the carving and everything else I've learned from books and tv. I read a lot of the cake books and just practice, and I watch all the cake shows and dvr them and pause them and rewind them and I've learned a lot of great tricks/ideas that way.
Thanks for your advice!!! I will try doing what you said.
Please help!! Does anyone know where I can buy pearl white or white foil cupcake liners online? I've been searching and can't find anything. I'm doing cupcakes for a wedding and wanted something a little fancier than just white paper ones. Thanks!!!
I've been having problems with my fondant settling lately. I put it on the cake and it looks fine and then the next day it doesn't look as smooth. I wish I had a picture to share, but I don't. Am I rolling it too thin? It's almost like it gets air underneath it. Thanks!
I have a great gel/anti-fatigue rug that I stand on. I don't know what I'd do without it. My mom and I were on a mission to find one. Bed, Bath & Beyond sells something for $100, but we found this one at Home Depot back in the rug section and it was only $25 and you can get a tan color or a darker brown color. I have two.
I know exactly what you are talking about. It is usually in the hardware department and holds nails and screws. I actually found mine at Wal-Mart in the hardware aisle and I think it was about $10. I love it. I even used a label maker to label the drawers so I know exactly where everything is. It makes finding and putting things away super easy. Mine is black with clear drawers and it probably has 20 smaller drawers.
I fill my cakes and then freeze them. It makes carving them much easier. I don't crumbcoat until they are carved, but I think some people crumbcoat and then carve. I just use a serrated knife. I hope this helps!
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