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Looks to me like a load of thick icing piped out with a very large round tip. Kind of like doing clouds. Hope I understood your question.
I found 2 German Chocolate enhanced cake recipes... Both were said to be good... The first was to add 1 container of coconut pecan frosting to a plain german chocolate cake mix. Add 1 cup of water, 1/3 cup of oil, and 3 large eggs. I have made an awesome italian cream cake with the coconut frosting in the mix. It's celebrated around these parts and people think I slave over that cake It does take longer to bake and does not make a good stack cake. VERY moist! I cook...
Is that Gum paste Glue?
Kahalstead just wanted to thank you for your help. And let you know what I ended up doing. I couldn't find the pineapple jello but I did find a DH pineapple supreme cake mix. I used pineapple juice for the water and added the crushed pineapple into the recipe and added vanilla flavoring to it. It smelled heavenly and made a super moist cake. Which is normally pretty good but not for a purse cake Oh well the good thing about cakes is they taste good even when they...
Oh wow! I just got on here to check for a good gumpaste glue recipe and found all of this wonderful advice!It's 4 in the morning here... Thunderstorm is brewing and the thunder woke me up I hate bad weather. An F4 tornado went north of town two weeks ago and completely destroyed about 15 houses, a church, and a chemical plant. Anyways... I checked on the shoe. It's dry!!! The oven barely on with the light on did the trick. I would have tried the microwave but I...
way cool!!! Thanks!!!
Hmmm... I have overnight. Oven or fan???
Ooooh SAUNA!!! I want one sooooo bad! Lucky you!!!
NO tylose I need to get some. I will try the oven though... thanks
I put it off till the last minute because I was busy making other cakes... I have a shoe that needs to dry ultra fast! Any one have tips on getting 100% gumpaste to dry faster? Thanks in advance
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