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Does any one know how I would go about entering a gingerbread house contest in California preferably San Diego Or Orange County?Thanks,Lyn
what i usually do is if someone takes the time to comment on my photos i go to thier profile and comment on one of their photos.
I swear by Penny's reciepe here it is
thank you soo much for all your help!!!!
I have to make 100 petit fours half hot pink half black. I have tried the poured fondant but found it to be way to sweet i would like to try maybe ganche, but how would i get black and hot pink? Can candy melts be used (ive seen hot pink) but im not to sure about black? Would ganache work for petit fours? Thanks in adavance Erlyn
thanks for the link. i tied that but i didnt get the shaped ends...hmmm i think my bow is to striaght?
Does ant one have a bow template? I made one but its to striaight and do you make it look full and poofy at the hope this makes sense....TIA
i worked at was fun! you should try it,ive only done the novelties but the cakes look easy to do
i dont think i hsve do you ha ve a pic? i think she might be thinking more like a get out of jail theme for an 18 yr old?
IM going to do a " set free' cake for a girl best friend who is moving out of a house as soon as she turns 18. i just cant think of anything? Please help
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