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Question: How would you go about asking event planners to consider your product for their clients? Is it also a wrong Idea to call them? Is it a good idea to offer them free samples or a tasting?
I have really learned alot from this thread...and alot of buisness threads on this site. I must also say that what i have realised is that   jason_krafts comments are like medicine it may seem harsh but it's actually good for you. 
I would really love to hear you guys on this
I am NOT the creator or owner of this cake, It was made by the super talented Verusca Walker. I was thinking of making a corvette for my husband's birthday next week and I know that I do not have the skill level to start selling carved car cakes, but I would love to know how much a skilled artist would charge for this cake.
I'm in the caribbean so a 10inch fondant cake with such details would be $85 U.S or $228 E.C
Thanks so much for the response and advise. I'll try to keep u guys updated as to how it went. How do you edit your original post? I would really love to remove the email address, It was a mistake.
I received this message on facebook about an hour ago, and I am very excited!!Hello, I am getting married in Antigua June 8, 2013. I am looking for a bakery to get my wedding cake. Could you send me a few pictures of some of your wedding cakes that feed up to 50 people and is two layer, round, white cake, white icing, I am thinking a shell topper? How much do you charge for these cakes and do you deliver or where are you located on the island so we can pick up the...
I Live in the caribbean where it is super hot and I have had these same issues. what I found that works for me is the nicholas lodge recipe for gumpaste which will keep my flowers in good shape for up to 2 months before it starts to melt. Michelle Foster's fondant recipe don't work for me in the heat so I use MMF with a bit of glycerine which makes it more pliable. Hope this helps.
Thanks so much for the advice, I have tried hershey's chocolate recipe but I did not have much luck.I really need to do these cupcakes tonight but I don't have any cocoa powder, I only have some Bakers semi sweet chocolate on hand, that's my reason for wanting to change the recipe around
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