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I would like to bake a small 8" round cake with a 3D caterpillar on it. I am rocking my head how to make the caterpillar, what to use. As it will be a smash cake I don't want to use fondant. Do you think if I mash cake scraps with icing together and form a small ball (about 2") it will hold it's shape to decorate/pipe over it? I would like to put the head on top of the first body ball, but I am not sure how it would hold together. Any ideas? I was also thinking maybe use...
I've tested my GB cookies, and they were still good after 3 weeks. They would slowly harden by time. I froze them with a good result, but I noticed, that the smell of spice is not as strong when frozen. I like my cookies fresh, let say max 2 weeks.
I like this a lot, and learn a lot...
I just made tres leches cake for the first time this weekend, using a recipe from this site. It was a fabulous tasty cake. As I made it for the first time, I would suggest to really poke it well. I was worried to do that and ended up with some dry area. I used whipping cream on the sides and pour ganache on top. Whipping cream is hard to smooth, so I added lady fingers around the cake. If you wish to see the result, it's the last cake in my gallery. Very delicious!
I have the feeling you purchased the Decorating gel. It's a little runny, and it will never dry hard. It's mostly for quick decorating and eating right away (mostly kids can decorate with it at parties). You need to purchase Decorating icing, which is like Royal icing, and it will dry hard. This icing will need to heat for a few seconds. What tip are you using? I mostly work wit # 3.2.1. Double check if you have the gel.
Thank you ladies for you advices. The cake is done, if you want to peek in my gallery. I've done it like LeeBD said, but probably did not let the ganache set enough. It was still a bit runny. I was worried, if I will have the cake cold and the ganache set more, that I will have a knife smear on ganache. I wanted to have a clean top. But if you would see my cake - what was I worried about? I over decorated the cake you can't even see the ganache! But for future, I am...
I would like to make a chocolate cake. My vision is to ganache only the top cake. I would like to have the sides coated with white cream and top with chocolate bids.So should I pour the ganache to the middle and rotate the cake to make the ganache stay on top? Should I add the chocolate bids on the sides after ganache or before? What do you think?
Fievel, I don't want to change your subject, but would you share where can I get Bettercreme in MD? I moved from CA, where it was available, here I cannot find it. Thank you. I don't have an answer to your Q, but I think it might work with just a little enough to glue the "cake" together to be pliable. (??)
Thank you. I was able to do some piping and flowers with the Bettercreme, would you compare the use of WBHC as well?
Can somebody verify with me, is this icing similar to taste as Rich's Bettercreme? I used to buy this product in California, and since we moved I cannot find it. I have the feeling that the recipe for Bakehouse BC might have a very similar taste. It tasted like cool whip, almost.
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