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While we are talking about price I made this cake for family and only got 50 dollars for it. So what do you think I could charge for this cake in the future?Thank you Damanda Here is the link
Well what I do is put it in the cooler for a few mins and when I take it out the cake will sweat a lil bit and that takes care of the of the mess.
manda_estrada could you pm me with your info? cake central block half of what you said.Thank youDamanda
Hey Guys, I need help to find a fondant supplier with good prices. Where do you guys buy your fondant or cake supplies?Thanks Amanda
Wow!! How much time do you put into one cookie?Damanda
HiI've seen a post about free software to download for the cake circut but I can't find it now. Could someone plzs tell me? Damanda
HiJust to let you know you can get those at wal mart just take them a pic of what you need and for 6.50 you get it.
HiI've been working hard on this cake and need to know if I need to add more to it before I deliver it. Please help this is my first cigar cake and a big step into the cake world . I can't add the pic but its in my photos plzs go look. Your info is greatly needed.Amanda
I just put my finished cake in the refrigerator that way when I take it out it will sweat just enough to get rid of the ps or cs. No need to buy a steamer. Thank you Amanda
OMG!! This is AWESOME thank you sooo much for the web site.Amanda
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