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The ganache would be easier but he LOVES my choc icing. I'm tempted to ice it in chocolate and pour blue candy melts over the whole thing!
I'm making my son's birthday cake, he wants choc cake with choc icing but he wants it blue! I'm wondering if anyone has done two layers of icing? Any tips for me? I was thinking if I put it in the fridge after I put the choc icing on, it might be firm enough to "re-ice". One more thing....I cant use fondant because he hates it. LOL
Its for my niece, she's turning 11. I already made her a small pink & green gift cake. Now she wants one for the big family xmas party, prob be 40-50 people there. There will be alot of food & desserts already there so I dont think I need a huge cake. The only instructions I have are to make a "girly christmas birthday cake". I have no idea where to start!
maybe try a lower tempurature. i've read alot of posts on here about baking at 325 instead of 350
I'd say you're overfilling your pan.
I did it! I rolled out my green fondant and used a black edible marker to "draw" it on. Very easy! Thanks for all the ideas.
I'm using Sams but-r-creme
No, its room temp when I ice it. A better word for what mine is doing would be "wrinkling". I ice it as smooth as I can. Then I use a hot, dry knife to get it smoother. Then I use Viva and/or copy paper and thats when it cracks/wrinkles. It's like it crusts too fast! lol
I use Sams but-r-creme and it cracks on me. Last cake I added milk, still cracked. The cake before I added white vinegar, still cracked.
Do the candy melts take color well? I've never tried to color them before.
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