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Yeh i think i might try but just not sure how long it can stay in there .....anyone else done this?
Yeh i'v read for a recipe using cake flour as a substitute you can use plain flour, and simply subtract two level tablespoons of flour for each cup of flour used in the recipe.
Just a question if you have a packet mix that's best before date is soon-ish but prob won't use it for awhile cose you don't use them that often can you freeze the mix in the freezer jsut like you can with flours etc and if so for how long?Thanks for any help
Hi!What sort of buttercream did you use? Buttercreams with butter or crisco with icing sugar, milk/water and flavouring can be left out for a few days and don't need to be refridgerated
never worked with an edible image and don't know how to stick it on etc but if it's flexable enough and can stick on well i don't see why not
I have only done one teacup and i kept it simple with a single flower painted on the front and decorated the rims with some simple patterns cose i was scared as well to do more cose i thought i was going to wreck my cup too by mucking the rest of my painting lol But I think that planning what you are going to paint with light greylead sketches will be a great help and if you draw a wrong line you just rub it off with your finger and start again! that way you will know...
Yay that's exciting and yes please send pics! I still havn't gotten around to making another teacup cose i want to do a way more detailed painted one this time so will do that eventually too lolP.S me make a tutorial.....HA! lol Teenz: Here the tutorial i based my teacup on but changed a few things:'s very nicely done indeed!
Well hello there, looky who i came across....HI PTANYER!!! long time no speak, nthanks for the nice words N yes i freehand paint mostly on my stuff and unless you have a really flexable stencil to work with i reckon it might be a bit tricky.Have you thought about maybe lightly sketching a design on the cup with greylead pencil first? (it's safe as there is actually no lead or anything and if a kid can eat a whole pencil and be ok then i reckon it's ok to draw on a tecup!...
yep i do exactly what the tutorial above says with my vodka i also go over the area again just quickly with a dry cotton tip just to dry a bit of the vodka off
Ring up your local council and health department and they should be able to help you in regards to all the info you need
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