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I agree with Kakeladi!  This is my base for everything.  People love it!
Here is one of the threads:
I agree with MsRoxieB.  McCall's courses are terrific.  Golda's also offers quite a few classes, although I've never taken any of them. I have seen their setup and it looks great.  Check them out:  Good luck.
If you go to Wilton:   and search threw this section of the site, you'll find a lot of how-tos for flowers, etc.  HTH
I use Toba Garrett's Glace: Tastes good and easy to work with. Hope that helps. 
I use Toba Garrett's Glace: great and doesn't dry as hard as RI.
You can also pipe them in advance in buttercream, let them air dry, then place them on your iced cake. That's what I had done for this one:
One thing I've found is that although my cupcakes seem to be done, if I leave them in another minute or so, they are likely not to pull away from the wrappers. Learned that one the hard way. Even though a toothpick was coming out clean when testing the cupcakes, they were not quite done enough. The extra minute seems to do the trick.
These are 2 sources that I like to refer to for borders. Both were posted by Than Than, way back when, right here on CC:
You might want to try Toba Garrett's Glace. It dries hard, but not as hard as royal icing. I use almond flavoring in mine and have gotten rave reviews.
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