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you bet!
I do 4 inches.
I am not a pro but I would maybe cut back on the water and the oil. I would use 1 cup of water and maybe 1/4 cup of oil if it were me.
On my cupcake stand I have a sheet of how many fit on each tier.goes by size tier-cupcakes8-710-812-1514-1716-2518-3220-3522-53using all of these will give you around 190-195 cupcakes total and this is with a center dowel of 1 1/2 inches in diameter. This may vary some depending on how many you like to squeeze on the tier or how big your cupcakes are.
Here is a list of different versions of the wasc recipe from users here on cake central. I have used many recipes on here and they are very good and just what you are looking for. to buy in bulk are where I get mine.HTH
Thanks for the tips ladies, I was thinking since this recipe doesn't have any oil, maybe adding yogurt won't hurt anything, what do you guys think?maybe if I add the yogurt change the buttermilk to 1/4 cup?
I had my sister pick up a bottle of vanilla while she was on her mission trip to honduras, and I was just wondering if this is the right stuff? If it is pure and if it is a good vanilla to use. I have only ever used pure vanilla like from walmart so I don't know how it should smell, or anything, but it does smell pretty good, just different. The bottle readsEsencia deVainilla NegraFranceliaCalidad ExportacionThanksKiley
I am making a cake and this is the recipe but for more flavor I want to add a pina colada yogurt, and so If I do, do I need to change the recipe a bit? like cut back on the liquid? or will it be ok?Pina Colada Cake or cupcakes1 box yellow cake mix3 eggs1 tsp coconut extract1 small can crushed pineapple with juice1/2 cup buttermilkTIA
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