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I usually order from the same seller on etsy so we have got to know one another I get mine in 3 days from NY I get mine from
I get almost all my liners from etsy they are greaseproof
I Have the cake and it works great, in my opinion for you I would just get the cake and be done with it, it is food safe, it is made to cut thicker material less headache for you, you can cut paper with it, I cut cupcake wrappers and banners with mine all you have to do is by the deep cut blade and housing that is for the expression, it fits in the cricut cake and then just buy the mats you would buy for the expression. All the carts are interchangeable. I would def go...
Hi, I am making a number 30 out of gumpaste cut out on the cricut that I want to glue to popsicle sticks to stick into the cake but I don't really want to use real glue I want it to be edible even though I doubt anyone would eat it. All I would need is a small amount and I don't want to make a batch of royal I won't use. Is there some recipe for a small amount someone knows that i could just mix up by hand that would work for something like this?
when I do any type of fondant deco on my cupcakes I just don't put the lids on all the way I just put them on caddy corner to allow some air in, the only time I put my bakery box lids on tight is when in delivery and I don't have problems. I also tell my customers the same thing to put the lids on loosely if not to be eaten right away so the decos don't melt.
anyone have one or no of one that I could make with ingredients I might have on hand?
Hi, I just was wondering if there is anyone out there that doesn't make stiff icing to pipe around the edges before the filling. I usually do make a stiff dam, but I just dread taking the time and muscle to stiffen up icing for such a small detail, I watch the shows on tv and it seems that they just use regular icing in the layers, and I hardly ever see someone piping a dam? Or if they are piping a damn it isn't stiff icing. I am just curious as to what steps to take to...
That is awesome I will have to try this recipe!! thanks for posting the results!!
If you end up making them post your results here, I might just have to try that recipe!!sounds good!
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