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actually all my recipes are based on the wasc recipe! Just docotred box mixes!
also try starting the oven at 400 then after 5min turn down to 350 that is what a lot of people do on here with cupcakes. I just recently started doing that and it makes a big difference.hthps I only use 1/4 cup scoop for my cupcakes and they are plenty big
Hi, I haven't stepped into doing anything with petal dust yet. Is this what I am looking for? Can I just start with a white flower and then color it with dry petal dust? also can I add Vodka to petal dust to paint on the flowers with?TIAKiley
Almost everything I learned in the Wilton Courses I don't even use, I learned just about everything from here and youtube like others. I actually recommend just going to sugared and ordering her dvd's then you can learn in the comfort of your own home. I know there are other videos out there too for flowers as well.HTH
I have no luck either depending on how many you have to make you might just have to make wrappers out of ivory scrapbook paper, and then set the cupcake in that. That is prob what I would do.
Do the heated ones work so there is no mess? I never like to use foam core unless I have to because of the hard time cutting and mess, but I would love to get one of the heated knives I never knew something like that existed!!
I get around 66-68 using 1/4 cup scoop.hth!
I wouldn't put greaseproof in the search most of them are but just to be sure I usually contact the seller to see, not all sellers put greaseproof in the description and if you do want to buy in bulk some of the sellers will offer a lower price for the more you buy just ask. Also that is the same place where you can get some of the liners seen on etsy so if you think you will be buying a lot it might be cheaper to get them from them too.
does it taste better than vanilla? I am thinking of purchasing just wanted to see some reviews of it first.TIAKiley
Almost all my recipes are doctored mixes based off of the wasc recipe. I have been using the amazing chocolate wasc recipe but it seems to produce such an airy cupcake so to me then it seems like it came from a box only and I would like to find one that make a denser cupcake. Anyone have one? I have tried adding less liquid to the recipe but that didn't seem to work either.
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