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I was thinking of adding these to my menu, but was just wondering if they are really all that popular and if you sell a lot of them. Do you sell them more as party favors?ThanksKiley
Hi, I was wondering if this will work and just to put them on a longer lollipop sticks like 6 inch. I just thought it would be better to make larger serving size ones like golf ball size than a bunch of small ones, then they could be individually wrapped and look cute for like party favors and things. Anyone have any tips or suggestions.thanksKiley
I was wondering what some of you do to display cake pops, I was thinking of adding these to my menu for clients to purchase, but really don't know a good cheap way to do this.ThanksKiley
Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they like this product?Does it melt the candy pretty fast?Does it keep the candy nice and hot for easy dipping?I am planning on using this for cake pops, I was making some today melting the candy in the microwave and it never stayed hot enough and it would be so thick on the pop, and then I noticed they cracked after the set, I think this could have been because they were to cold when I started.Here is the product...
you could do cupcakes and just use these liners.
I have made the cake pops on the stick, but I haven't made them just as truffles so I was wondering what the best way is to dip them and where to set them to harden without a bunch of wasted coating and so they look nice. Also does anyone add like chocolate chips or nuts to their cake mixure?ThanksKiley
I agree it is the wilton liners and how they are shipped they look wide and flat and I won't even touch them if I see them like that, they always fold in, also when I was looking at the new celebration liners at michaels, I would buy them but I can just tell by looking at them that they will fold to, like they smash them in the box to ship and it makes them flatten and widen and they do the same thing, I wonder if complaining enough would help them ship them better. I...
this is a good reason why I decided to get the cricut cake I get requests all the time for odd toppers one gal called me last minute for anchor toppers and I pulled it off by finding an image online and using make the cut software and cut them out perfectly this would be so easy to do on the cricut!!
I usually bake at 400 for 5 minutes and 350 for 10-13 minutes
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