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I was also just thinking I wonder if it would work ok just to put the bottom in them and then just have the stick on the side and then when ready to eat you could just put the stick in and then push up? Then you could make them and then tie a bow around it and just stick the stick on the side if that makes sense, you think that would work?
I am interested in these as well, I think they would make great party favors!! I also wish that they would sell like some sort of disk or bottom that would pop into the stick so then they could stand up, kinda a like the bottom of a wine glass, they would look so cute sitting at a table for a party favor at a wedding or something!!!!
Ok I will let you know, It will be for next weekend so I will post a pic then!!
Thanks so much for the help apetricek I will pm you my email, and SugarKissesCakery I was actually looking at your picture in my favorites for inspiration so that is so cool you responded thanks for the help too!! Wish me luck!!
bumb please
I think I have the idea down in my head, so I just wanted to see what you all think. I was thinking of using the rice krispie recipe but with little or no butter and maybe putting the rice krispies in the food processor to make them more fine. I was also thinking I should mold it while warm and let sit and then trim if needed with a knife. Then I was going to trace the molded barn on cardstock to make templates and then just cut fondant/gumpaste panels let them dry some...
Hi, I am trying it make candy covered oreos and the candy melts just seem too thick I know I haven't over heated I am using the wilton chocolate pro to melt I am adding shortening but It just doesn't seem to get runny enough is this just the way they are or do I need to add even more shortening? Is there a better brand or would white chocolate chips be better to use and then just use the candy colors to color it?ThanksKiley
I questioned this when I first started to decorate cakes, but you want it to be a little bigger so that when you frost your cake you use the cake board as a guide for when you smooth your cake with a scraper and then you add your fondant
I also use the WASC recipe but I use it with a yellow cake mix, whole eggs, and a tablespoon of pure vanilla for the flavoring.
Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows of a good multi purpose leaf veiner and leaf cutter to use for leaf that could be used with just about any flower? I just want to buy one that I could use for any flower so I don't have to buy a bunch of different cutters for different leaves. I am going to do a fall cake and would like one for this, if someone can link me to a site to purchase one that would be great!TIAKiley
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