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Here is a cute cupcake stand or any kind of stand tutorial that I came across so I thought I would share.
Hi, I was asked to do a cake with the theme as Toy Story and I told the client that I can't do any characters do to copyright issues, but I just can't seem to think of what to do to the cake to give it a wow factor or to make it look like Toy Story without using the characters, I looked in the search and didn't really find any cakes that didn't have a character, I was going to purchase Woody which is the character which is the little boys favorite but they were out. The...
Yeah I would def do that instead, I was going to do that but had a hard time finding the right paper and ran out of time and just ordered those, but that would be way cheaper if you can find the right paper!
I searched high and low and spent the money on those ones too. Here is a link to the picture of my cupcakes if you wanted to see them after they are baked in, they are very nice liners! but so pricey
I have been wanting to try some filling recipes and was wondering if they are stable at room temp and was wondering if there is a certain way to know if any filling recipes are stable or won't spoil at room temp?Here are a couple I have tried or want to tryKey Lime Curd6 tablespoons butter1/2 c sugar3 eggs1 tsp key lime zest2/3 c fresh key lime juiceOver low heat, melt the butter in a saucepan. Add the remaining ingredients and whisk continuously for about 8-10 minutes or...
Here is a good one as well and then there is a part two
Will this one be ok to use, has anyone else used it, it is a little over 4 inches high and the diamonds are only one inch wide. I assume I should have bought the larger one where the diamonds are 1 1/2inches wide? I have never quilted before I plan on practicing on a small cake first, but just wanted to know if anyone else has used this one and if it works ok.ThanksKiley
save yourself the headache and time and just buy the red!! I don't even try to color red or black I buy them!
I am doing a cake this weekend with a rkt barn on top that I will be doing for the first time I was wondering the same thing. What I think is that depending on the final weight I might of the sculpture I will have to put a dowel/straw or two under it and then I was just planning on gluing it down with melted chocolate. I hope this sounds right I would love to hear what other people do!
I was also wondering this, do you have to match the background of the edible image with the color of icing, and if the edible image melts into the icing then does just what is printed show up then? For example my first time ever using edible image on some chocolate dipped oreos and I dipped them in candy melts and then once that set up then I applied the edible image and it didn't look the best since that candy coating was orange and the edible image was white. So if I...
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