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Thanks for the response, but I am looking for larger deeper cutters for cookies. I was just wondering if they make any with different fonts anywhere?
Hi there, I was just curious to know if anyone has found any alphabet cutters that aren't just plain block letters? maybe some cute ones that are a different font style?
Hi, I know there has got to be an easier way to frost a 4 inch round cake, When I set it on the turntable to frost it, it just moves everywhere since it isn't very heavy. Does anyone have any tips on this? Do I use tape somehow? ThanksKiley
I am placing an order and I was just wondering if anyone had a suggestion on a new tool or cutter or anything to try. TIAKiley
Oh duh that is a great Idea! Thanks so much
Thanks so much I will go ahead with that, did you also get the center mold as well? or what did you do for the centers?
Hi, My first request for Hydrangea flowers. I was just wanting some opinions on which brand or where u got yours and how you like them? I looked at GSA and saw the sunflower sugar art cutters and center mold is that the way to go? I just wish it wasn't so expensive! any thoughts or ways to cut corners?Thanks so much!Kiley
I know for a fact that when you keep them in an air tight plastic container they are bound to come off, I keep mine in bakery boxes from brp box shop and I don't have that problem. When they are air tight all the moisture gets trapped causing them to peel away. I also suggest maybe the plastic containers from a grocery store the cupcake sit in those so the whole liner is secure, I get some plastic ones for like 33 cents at a grocery store.Hope this helps
These look like little rosettes on top of the cupcake with one in the middle, I wonder what tip is used though. Any ideas on how this is done?Here is a link to the website they are the cupcakes with the pink frosting after the first picture. Kiley
I also get six out of my cricut using scrapbook paper which usually runs a dollar a sheet so it ends up being about .16 cents per wrapper. I can also get six out of cutting them out by hand but then you have to glue or tape them together the template I have for the cricut is made so they connect on their own.
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